This is the form to RSVP for the reunion dinner.  Please note that you must also register on the sign-in tab in order to receive notification emails from us.  We're sorry the site requires you to enter your contact information twice, but we are unable to change it. 

It's May, and we have added the Waterfront menu options to the RSVP. The restaurant requires us to give it a head count for each entree.  You and your guest will each receive a card when you arrive at the restaurant with your name and entree selection on it.  Unfortunately, once we submit the list to the restaurant, the restaurant won't let us change it.   June 5th will be the cut-off to RSVP and to make an entree selection.  If you do not make a selection, the chicken entree is the default. 

You can also RSVP here (Event drop down menu) for the get together at Richard Cox's house Friday evening.   Or you can email Richard at  It's optional to RSVP for Richard's place, but since he is providing food and drink, it would help a lot to know about how many people plan to show up.  If you RSVP here for Richard's, you only need to enter your name, guest name, and email address. Thanks!